Monday, September 1, 2014

Chainsaw Shark

A possible follow-up to Sharknado 2?

During some recent testing, Ansel (age 7) scored as having a "mental age" of 15 when it came to "Verbal Absurdities."  I cannot really comment on the accuracy of the testing in regard to real world concerns,  but I can observe that Ansel definitely appreciated the absurdity of "Sharknado." 

As I was traumatized by "Jaws" as a child, I was slightly concerned about whether the movie would freak him out, but I should not have worried. Not only was he clear on the fictional nature of the proceedings, he obviously enjoyed the ridiculousness of it all.

The kids agreed that the appropriate follow-up to the movie would be a shark with chainsaws in place of fins. 

This one is not particularly Quaker. I seriously doubt it will ever make it to a school lunch.

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