Monday, June 30, 2014

Eren From "Attack on Titan"

Archer's interest in all things "Attack on Titan" has continued to blossom.  He's been asking to watch the television show.  I read that it is "the Japanese equivalent of 'The Walking Dead'" which seems not like an endorsement for viewing by an 11 year old and his 7 year old pop culture sidekick/younger brother. Archer tells me that the show is broadcast on "Adult Swim" at 11:30 pm.  Uh huh.

Meanwhile, we continue to  emphasize prominent weapons.  The fighters in "The Attack on Titan" universe wear some sort of jumping/grappling gear which allows them to launch and swing from cables so they can slice at the enormous titans' weakest spot on the nape of their necks. 


  1. Hi! Lurking fan of your napkin art. As an artist who grew up entrenched in manga/anime as a teenager, I feel it is my duty to warn you that manga often deals with Very Serious Tones And Mature Themes. I saw many a parent buy 16+ rated manga for their 8-year-old due to a preconceived notion that comics are for kids. The "Attack on Titan" series is a direct adaptation of the comic, meaning that the comic is just as gory and violent as the show. Characters lose limbs, are beaten to a bloody pulp, and watch their friends/family get eaten. I'm a big fan of Titan, but... I wouldn't give it to an 11-year-old to read, myself. Likewise, if the manga doesn't bother your son, the anime shouldn't, either. It's almost exactly the same content. And if you've read it yourself and decided it's perfectly appropriate for your son, feel free to ignore me, of course! >_>;

    1. Thanks Lurking Fan! I'm afraid my sons have a pretty high tolerance for dismemberings and eating of parents, particularly when depicted in black and white manga style. Television programs are potentially more disturbing. We've done pretty well so far with AoT in book form, but I always read through a volume before I crack it open for bedtime reading.