Thursday, June 19, 2014

"Twilight" from "Bunks"

Our younger son has a very sensitive barometer for coolness.
When he watched the Disney movie "Bunks" about a outbreak of zombies at a summer camp, he was very impressed by the personal style of the black-clad, brooding character that is nicknamed "Twilight" by the other campers.  This dark hoodie wearing boy is played by Nicholas Bode.

Despite the zombie premise, this was definitely a light movie intended for kids.  None of the zombified campers in "Bunks" is actually deceased. And at the end, the "undead" are happily restored through super soaker delivered applications of an antidote. 

The zombies still seemed to make Ansel a little uncomfortable...  But not so uncomfortable that he could not study the behavioral and sartorial choices of this character.

Ansel has not seen any of the Twilight "Saga" so the nickname just sounded cool to him. 

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