Sunday, June 15, 2014

Defeated Robot Mummies from "Cleopatra in Space"

Robot Mummies: a promising combination- like Vampire Ninjas, or Zombie Cowboys, or Viking Werewolves...

I had tried to convince Ansel to read Mike Maihak's web comic "Cleopatra in Space" at least a couple times before, but it was not until we received the actual old fashioned bound paper book published by Scholastic (Book One: Target Practice) that he was finally and completely sold.  He instructed me to purchase Book Two immediately.  I have not had the heart to point out that it will not be available until April 2015.

Near the end of Book One, Cleopatra (transported from the distant past to the distant future) singlehanded lays waste to an army of  evil robot mummies.

There seemed to be a lot of potential  in Robot Mummies, but clearly the pile up exceeded my drawing capabilities last night.

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