Monday, November 24, 2014

Turkeysaurus Rex with Pilgrim for Thanksgiving

It's an appallingly short school week because of "Fall Break."  At our kids' progressive Quaker school, we do not refer to the holiday as "Thanksgiving" in the same spirit as we use "Indigenous Peoples' Day" in place of "Columbus Day."  Since today is the single full day of school before this unnamed day of eating that overlooks the oppression of many people and fowl, it was the only option for a themed napkin to go to school.

As I am often reminded by my sons that birds in general, and chickens in particular, are modern day dinosaurs, I thought a giant Wild Turkey/ Tyrannosaurus Rex mash-up might be in order.  There have been a great many videos posted online of "wild turkey attacks" (here's a link to a very recent Washington Post article entitled "Great Moments in Wild Turkey Attacks" in case you doubt my expertise on this topic) So it seems that Wild Turkeys might in fact have the disposition of a large predator when given the opportunity. 

My sons agreed that it seemed appropriate that the Turkey have the upper hand at least for today.

A few other Thanksgiving themed napkins from years past can be seen at this link.

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