Monday, April 21, 2014

Dylan the Dog Reclines

Dylan the dog reclines:

Our younger son wants to have a dog so very much. 

I am sympathetic to the urge for a childhood pet. I loved my unfriendly, neurotic cat, Muffin, despite her crankiness and her tendency to pee in the sink and the bathtub.  (Of course, I was not the one cleaning up her messages of displeasure, my parents were.)

Now that I am the cleaner of misdirected pee, I am pretty clear that my caregiving load is already more than I can handle gracefully, so there are probably no canine family members in our foreseeable future.

Therefore, we need as much vicarious pet gratification as we can find. Fortuitously, Ansel's best pal's family just brought home a beagle/hound mix named Dylan.  Dylan seems very pleasant and sociable...if a little unclear at this point about where the pee should go.

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