Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dylan as Cerberus

I have to apologize for my complete misspelling of the guardian of hell's name on the napkin. I can provide the usual excuse that it was close to 1 in the morning when I wrote the name, and I was trying to do several other things simultaneously. Perhaps, however, I should also admit that in some dark corner of my mind, I always want to call Cerberus "Cerebus."

Shame...I know. My older son would never make such a dopey mistake... but he gets a lot more sleep than I do.  At any rate, the younger kid does not read easily, so perhaps he let my spelling error slide today at lunch.

The heads here come courtesy of his friend Ben's dog.  I didn't really play up the "hell hound" aspect of the three headed dog.  I think the tail is supposed to be a serpent and the jaws drip poison among other deadly features...depending whose account one is relying on.  But this Cerberus/Dylan is more of an anatomical oddity than a true guardian of hell.