Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Teen Titans Robin and Komodo Dragon

Apocalyptically, we missed most of the first episode of "Teen Titans Go!" last night.  School night programming is a real problem for Kindergarteners.

I attempted to redeem my indulgent mother cred this morning by drawing the taller Titans version of Robin hanging out with an oversized komodo dragon. (And more persuasively- by downloading the episode from iTunes)

His fourth grade brother is working on a report on komodos, so they are Ansel's favorite animal this week.  Archer was colossally disappointed to discover that komodo's bites are supposedly only as strong as that of a house cat.  I don't think he has told Ansel this yet, so komodos are still cool in Kindergarten.

1 comment:

  1. Ah, but komodos are venomous, so it scarcely matters how hard they bite. They surely have more strength than a house cat, too--the absolute bite pressure would be greater even if the relative muscle strength were the same, since komodos have much larger and toothier mouths.