Monday, April 22, 2013

Napkin Not For A Lunchbox 10

From the 24 hours of dysfunctional parenting series:  this is 7:15 am, just before we need to race out the door on our way to school, the kids are (not) hard at work, getting dressed, brushing their teeth, checking their backpacks...

They usually wait until I am exhibiting symptoms of total hysteria before getting motivated.  And, yes, they are watching TV, which, were I a competent parent, would be withheld as a reward until they are completely ready to go.  

But the offer of TV allows me to get the younger child out of bed and somewhat upright without a vicious wrestling match.  If he is watching TV, at least I do not have to try and excavate him after he has rolled himself in the quilt and is clinging to the bed frame... or search all the closets in the apartment.

(You can see the whole series so far at this link. )

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  1. Does Nina ever sell or market her serviettes?I would luv to purchase some her in NZ?
    Regards Lorna Hendry