Monday, April 29, 2013

Beast Boy as a Yorkshire Terrier

I had been avoiding Garfield for the canine superhero series as I thought picturing Beast Boy as a dog was redundant.  But the question of the mysteriously disappearing costume made me think I should give it a shot.  As my kids would point out: sure he can transform from a single cell organism to a whale in moments, but where does the costume go?  That makes the whole thing implausible.

I don't think Beast Boy is on record anywhere as a Yorkie.  I'll admit that my brief research last night turned up several dog breeds from comic and televised appearances, including one in the contemporary "Teen Titans Go!" but there was not really enough source material to go, so I thought I would just go elsewhere.

Ansel always likes an insipidly cute dog, and I thought the contrast between the fluffy face fur and the spandex costume might be nice.  This is the sort of profound thought that I have at midnight.

And pie....of course.  My kids favorite part of the latest TV show was the song about pie.  And they don't particularly like pie.  It doesn't have enough frosting.

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