Thursday, April 25, 2013

Battle Beast from "Invincible" with Chicken Nugget

Battle Beast makes an aggressive case for chicken nuggets.

Ansel has been having trouble coming up with a request for the next day's napkin image recently.  I offered several suggestions last night, most of them wholesome and related to school topics.  (The kids' teachers are pleased on the rare occasions that the napkin has something to do with curriculum rather than TV or violent graphic novels)

Ansel groaned at my lousy suggestions and told me that it "has to be something GOOD."  I am not sure if Battle Beast, a ridiculously tough alien who can survive the vacuum of space and fights super humans just for fun, was really a good choice.  But Ansel did take the napkin to school, so I guess it was better than nothing.

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  1. "has to be something GOOD"

    Kudos from Caracas,