Monday, April 1, 2013

Douglas The Crocopup From The Croods

Of course we went to see "The Croods" over spring break, and of course, the crocopup Douglas was the highlight of the movie for Ansel.  

As a petty observation, when I was looking briefly online for images of Douglas so that I could draw him, I noticed that he is depicted with three different types of eyes:  with crocodile-like eyes with slit pupils and white orbs, or bright green orbs with black round pupils, or lastly in the posters, with cartoony human eyes- white orbs and round pupils and irises, pretty much like the human characters in the movie. 

Yes, it is pretty sad that I spent this much time on the topic.  Although I am sure there were several people at Dreamworks spending time on what Douglas's eyes should look like as well.  One can only assume that they were at least well compensated for their time.

I went with the more friendly human style eyes, although I did like the greenish orbs.  

The strawberry of course, is not from the movie.

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