Monday, February 2, 2015

Shark with Birthday Cake

I am not sure why our younger son decided that he wanted to watch "Sharknado" again on Saturday morning, but as it was his "birthday weekend" I was more or less willing to indulge him. I was trying to work on frosting his cake, so I was not paying close attention, but I can offer the opinion that the movie does not benefit from repeated viewing. 

His class studied ocean animals during the fall of second grade, so perhaps he was exposed to a more, shall we say, "nuanced" view of sharks. But I think it is safe to say, that the recent education did not get in the way of his appreciation of shark slaughter and general scenery chewing.

It seems like it is still his birthday today, as there is the school acknowledgement, complete with a "birthday snack" of cupcakes frosted with green frosting (applied by his sleep deprived mother at 1am on Sunday morning)... so a birthday themed napkin seemed appropriate.

There was a lot of Nerf weaponry involved in the birthday party and a target themed cake was requested.  Drawing concentric circles in frosting without a compass or turntable was surprisingly challenging. It definitely would have been easier to draw a frosting shark.

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