Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Brain of Cthulhu, Second Form

"Really! I want to see a brain in my lunch!"

The Brain of Cthulhu is another unappetizing boss from the Terraria game.  While this flying, teleporting brain is perhaps not quite as lunch-spoiling as the previous napkin depicting the Wall of Flesh, I would not have drawn it had Ansel not insisted. I completely failed in my attempt to make it any more aesthetically pleasing.

As the napkins recipients' grandmother just pointed out to me, it does look like it is a heart being eaten by a brain. I suppose the metaphorical possibilities of that situation are extensive and fraught. My limited understanding, however,  is that the brain opens up to reveal the heart inside as the game progresses... so perhaps the suggestion is that the heart is chronically imperiled.

Or maybe it is just designed to be a nasty combination of vulnerable body parts and teeth and should not be given too much thought.

I hope it is not upsetting any impressionable 8 year olds at lunch today.

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