Sunday, February 22, 2015

Attack on Titan Survey Corps Cake

I have used something in excess of 16 sticks of butter over the last 23 days.

Due to poor long range planning on my part, the kids' birthdays are only 22 days apart.
This makes for a challenging February for me, as there are two birthday cakes and two classrooms' worth of "birthday snack" cupcakes to be baked, and more importantly, to be frosted. Baking is definitely not one of my talents, but I do have a fair amount of experience with squirting colored frosting .

The kids claim to have outgrown frosting depictions of things like dragons and puppies. Both asked for geometric cake decorations. Given my haphazard style of frosting application, this proved to actually be harder than drawing a superhero or a dog. Ansel requested a target and Archer asked for the insignia from the Survey Corps capes in the manga series "Attack on Titan."

When laboring over the the fussy geometric pattern on Archer's cake at 1am a couple of days ago, I actually thought back fondly on previous cake requests like "The Predator Riding Godzilla."

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