Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Zak the LEGO Minifigure

I've never been very good with perspective.  Despite being the occasionally proud recipient of a couple of degrees in visual art, I missed some basic lessons in that area. 

For this reason, I am rather uncomfortable drawing LEGO minifigures.  The fact that they are very small and made of plastic may be contributing factors also.

The makers of "The LEGO Movie" solved the problem of how to render minifigures in an appealing way by lighting them beautifully and making their surfaces more textural and idiosyncratic than they actually are.

I tried to emulate "The LEGO Movie" style here in this drawing of Ansel's latest "custom" minifigure.  (In this case, "custom" means he put it together himself from dismembered characters)
But I was too busy trying to keep my lousy perspective from making the legs pop out of line to really do too much with the light or texture.  

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