Saturday, August 30, 2014

Colossal Titan and Gypsy Danger

Due to a cancelled vacation and a sick parent, we are festering at home this weekend watching too much TV. To be more specific: we are watching too many Minecraft Youtube videos mirrored on the TV.

Rewatching "Pacific Rim" last evening was a welcome respite for me from "mod showcases."  This is not to say that I do not continue to marvel at the appeal of those mod videos.  If we think about the vast sums of money necessary to create a film like "Pacific Rim" versus the minimal overhead involved in a Minecraft mod showcase, and then consider that my sons seem to find the two equally compelling....I'm not really sure what my point is...perhaps I am coming down with something also...

But there are hundreds of Minecraft mod videos available to watch right now, while we will be waiting impatiently for a long time for the "Attack on Titan" movie and the sequel to "Pacific Rim."

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