Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Venom and the Red Skull

Ansel stayed home today because of a mild fever...and so that he and I could bicker for a full day about the watching of minecraft youtube videos versus the memorization of sight words.  (where? there? were? who? how? what?.... and....WHY?)

Perhaps he would have taken this napkin today had he been in school.  

He and his brother are occasional fans of Spider-Man and Captain America.  These Marvel characters  have never been quite as compelling for our sons as say, Batman or Nightwing, but the kids are very willing to pretend to be one or the other for long enough to pummel a sibling or advance the destruction of the livingroom furniture. 

In anticipation of maybe seeing the latest iteration of Spider-Man in a movie theater, we watched the 2007 "Spider-Man 3" over last weekend. And we watched some of the first Captain America movie for no good reason besides the fact that it was on TV, again.

So, perhaps these two villain guys are being pals on this napkin to commemorate the watching of too much Marvel themed television over one weekend.

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