Monday, May 19, 2014

Knifehead and Godzilla Chat Across the Brooklyn Bridge

The kids were so very excited to see "Godzilla"  that we had to go during the opening weekend.
On the way home, there was a great deal of discussion, (mostly driven by the obsessed 11 year old) of how this movie compares to other movies in the Godzilla canon and to "Pacific Rim."

Archer could certainly offer chapter and verse about the differences and merits  of all the Kaiju vehicles.  Perhaps I should only observe  that I felt about the same  about "Pacific Rim" and this most recent incarnation of "Godzilla."  This movie did not have the small boy pleasing giant drivable robot angle, nor the "Canceling The Apocalypse" rah rah spirit of Mr.  del Toro's effort, but maybe that was not entirely a bad thing. 

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