Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Octobear Meets Sharktopus

 My kids have not seen "Sharknado."  Can you believe it?

"Mom! Come on!  A man cuts a flying shark in half with a chainsaw!"  How could we possibly resist that?

I admit I definitely have a different standard for movies than for graphic novels.  I have read a great many age-inappropriate things to the kids.  (if it is a book, it must be just a little bit good for them, right?)  We even read Ethan Nicolle's definitely adult-oriented "Bearmageddon" featuring the above "Octobear." 

Brief exposure to even the most ridiculous movie imagery, however, can easily result in a child who is afraid to walk his full bladder  across a darkened bedroom to use the bathroom because alien face-huggers or land sharks could be lurking in the Lego box.  Perhaps we will hold off for a bit longer on "Sharknado" and its very tempting close relative "Sharktopus." 

But the creatures are funny enough for napkins.