Wednesday, May 14, 2014

General Oleander Hume from "The Sixth Gun"

The first two volumes of "The Sixth Gun" by Cullen Bunn, art by Brian Hurtt, were apparently deacessioned last week by the kids' Quaker school of course, the books went home with us.

I'm guessing that the supernatural old west horror comic was deemed to be a bit too graphic...and definitely not Quaker enough. I did notice that there are several other violent offenders in the library's graphic novel section, including "The Dark Knight Returns," but perhaps someone complained specifically about these particular books.

I did not have much success rendering the first volume's main bad guy, the undead, chained-wearing, confederate General Hume. My version is definitely having a bad hair day.  The fantastically high pollen count and some sort of extra credit cold are making me feel a bit like a zombie myself, so I just couldn't manage to draw a reasonable beard on the man last night.

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