Friday, February 14, 2014

Robocops Observe Valentines Day

One last ridiculous Valentines offering:

The kids have been asking to see the Robocop remake. Their father and I offered somewhat facetiously that maybe they should see the 1987 version first.  They rejected this idea....because we suggested it, no doubt.

I suspect that both movies are basically inappropriate for middle and lower school boys...  But the previews are filled with many enticing explosions and gunfire...and a guy wearing a suit with most of his face covered, which is somehow an endlessly compelling feature for our sons.

I'm not sure really why a combination of Robocops 1987 and 2014 seemed appropriate to me for Valentines day.  It was probably just perversity born of staying home for most of the week with a whining, feverish seven year old boy.

I did think it was best to leave it ambiguous as to whether it is a hand-off, a confrontation  or a burgeoning cyborg romance.  The kids, needless to say, were unimpressed.

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