Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hourly Comic 2014 (Not on Napkins)

February 1st was "Hourly Comics Day" where professionals and amateurs draw a panel or image for every hour that they are awake as a journal of the day.  Despite drawing only on napkins recently, and definitely being a pathetic amateur when it comes to the comics endeavor, I gave this one a shot.  February 1st is my younger son's birthday, so the following images are mostly a catalog of my poor parenting.... (too much screen time! no home cooked meals! and bratty behavior!)  As for the bad drawing, I can only offer that I was too busy catering to the whims of irrational small people to spend much time actually drawing anything.  Below are a couple of links to comics by those who have some experience at this sort of thing... (people who can draw actual rectangular boxes at the very least?)

I tried a similar project of depicting a routine weekday day in early February 2013, but spread it over many months because I could not actually draw a day's worth of pictures in one day  (The Not for a Lunchbox/ 24 Hour Series).  I did require over a year  to draw a 24 hour period... and sadly enough, I haven't managed to finish it.  But I have not given up yet.

Click on the images below if you think they might be improved by enlargement.
My older son read through these yesterday, and the only part he disputed was that it was a MacBook Air, not a Pro that "Google/Goggle" had offered him.

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