Monday, January 20, 2014

Hamster Hunger Games

I think we might be reaching the end of the secret life of Fluffy series.  

But there have been murmurings  from Ansel's female classmates that my portrayals of the female rodent have not been, well, feminine enough.  Ansel told me, disgusted, that there had been questions as to why there had not been a princess hamster.  I was rather allergic to the princess theme myself back in my own lower school days... although I hope that I did not display the hysterical disgust that my proto misogynist sons often offer up. 

With the long holiday weekend to mull over what sort of character would appeal both to my masculine violence focused son and his princessy classmates, the best I could come up with was Katniss. 

We have not seen the movie.... nor do my sons want to see it, but they are of course aware of the promotional campaign and of other kids' interest.  

Ansel was not impressed with the napkin.  Archer's playdate guest today found the idea that I had "turned Katniss into a rat" pretty amusing, but not quite in the way I might have hoped.

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