Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Cardboard Teleport Time Machine with Time Vortex and Domo

Time travel in honor of the New Year:

The kids built themselves this vehicle out of a couple of leftover Christmas gift containing shipping boxes.  Neither of them has watched much "Doctor Who" but this does not mean they aren't interested in (and in Archer's case, a self proclaimed authority on) the topic of time vortexes.  I was instructed to draw them with Domo, their most recently acquired stuffed toy.

They had a long list of complaints about this one...Just a sampling: they were in the wrong positions in the box- (Archer was supposed to be driving, not Ansel), it was not "science-fictiony" enough, Domo was supposed to be in a "turret," Archer was supposed to look like a "Dark Elf"... and so on...

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