Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Teacup Animals in Teacup

Size does matter, at least when it comes to pets....

Our younger, sadly pet-deprived younger son suddenly acquired a  deep yearning for a "teacup pig" over the last few days.  Continuing in my maternal role as killjoy and the voice of failed gratification, I pointed out that, like "teacup dogs," pigs that fit in cups are not a real thing. People adopt underfed baby pigs, and in the best case scenario, soon end up living with a 120 lb potbellied pig....or maybe even a 400 lb pig. (Link to Nat'l Geographic article on this topic)

After a lot of arguing and viewing of websites with titles like "6 Reasons Why Teacup Pigs are not Pets" I think my son is still a bit suspicious that I am just spoiling his fun and that micro mini pigs really do exist somewhere.

I will readily admit that I am not interested in having a pet pig, even if it were to stay relatively small and cute. I had some memorable exposure to a pet potbellied pig long ago in Chicago. This unhappy and belligerent pig was living in an office that I visited frequently for meetings and to deliver sculpture projects. The pig's owner was fond of pointing out that pigs are smarter than dogs and cats. I don't disagree, but intelligence is not an appealing characteristic in a pet if the bored animal uses its smarts for malicious retaliation against its boring environment and humans.

But while we were talking about micro animals that don't really exist, I thought we should add some others to the mix. While my sons have expressed interest in baby tigers, bears and dogs, the rhino and elephant were my additions in a attempt to make the situation more cute...or more ridiculous.

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