Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Zombie Ewok With Candy Corn

If you can't have brains, maybe corn syrup and food coloring will do?

Clearly, I need to get these Ewoks out of my brain. Just like I will soon need to purge the candy corn from my digestive tract.

Perhaps it is needless to point out, but zombie Ewoks are not a new concept.  There seems to have been quite a bit of "The Ewoking Dead" going around a couple of years ago.  I was thinking in particular of a sketch by Austin Madison from 2012 of a zombie Ewok pulling gore out of a helmet. I am not sure if he was solely responsible for the Ewok Zombie concept or just an outstanding practitioner.  Finding the answer to this sort of question violates my "no more than 5 minutes of research regarding napkins" rule.

At any rate, there are also limits to what I can draw for second grade lunch, so no dripping blood here, just some confectioner's glaze and artificial dyes Red 3, Yellow 2 and Yellow 5.

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