Sunday, September 15, 2013

Wonder Woman Birthday Cake

Taking a break from drawing on napkins for the weekend, I had a rare opportunity to squirt excessive frosting on to a cake for an adult birthday.  The underlying carrot cake was professionally produced by someone else, and arrived immaculately coated in pristine cream cheese frosting...very, very, soft cream cheese frosting.

As I had to refrain from touching the surface of the cake, it was an all squirting exercise... leading to a outsider-ish corduroy face quality.  It was supposed to be a portrait of the napkin recipients' very sun tanned aunt as Wonder Woman for her 50th, but the resemblance to the aunt or the super heroine was approximate at best. I botched the lettering as well....

But it did have a lot of frosting!
And the cake underneath tasted pretty good.

Camera lens distortion makes for a super chest view in the image above.

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