Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wexter With Dr. McNinja and Axe Cop

Who do you call when your pet gatling gun-armed T-Rex has a sore throat?
Dr. McNinja is not a veterinarian, but in the Axe Cop universe, he seems as likely a candidate as any.

The request from the boys yesterday was Wexter, Axe Cop's pet dinosaur, and Dr. McNinja.
To be completely honest, what they really wanted was for me to draw them as the two characters- the older child as the gun-armed tyrannosaur, and the younger as the masked doctor. 

They went to bed later than usual last night, and it was just too late in the evening for me to get my mind around the problem of how to make my 10 old son look like a dinosaur.  Dr. McNinja was less problematic, but still daunting as only his eyes are visible... and was I going to draw him with the physique of a six year old?

So, I went for something more straightforward... although as it turns out, no less complicated.

Maybe tonight a solution to the dinosaur-gun-boy will come to me.
(If I do manage to draw such an image... it will definitely not be going to lunch at their Quaker school in the fall.)

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