Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Visit From "The Napkin Dad"

Marty Coleman has been drawing on napkins for much longer than I have.  I discovered his blog "The Napkin Dad Daily" online a couple of years ago while idlely googling something related to napkins.  I sent him an email, and he kindly suggested that we might guest post on each other's  blog and I said that I did not think that was a good idea as the only readers of my napkin blog at the time were my kids, and maybe once in a while, my parents.

After a bit of pleasant email correspondence regarding things napkin and art related over the last couple of years, Marty stopped by for a visit while he was passing through New York last week.
He wrote a nice post on his site about it. He is also a photographer, among other things, and it includes some of his photos.

"The Napkin Dad visits the Napkin Mom"

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