Thursday, August 1, 2013

Portrait of Ansel

Here in the unscheduled wasteland of August, I'm trying to do some portraits of the kids.  I realize it has been a year since the last set. (Which you can see here)

As usual, cooperation is a major issue.  Posing even for 60 seconds can apparently lead to intense physical and psychological pain for my sons.

As a result, there is rarely one source photo to work from.  I have to compile several images to get the child with an acceptable expression, standing in the right place, and wearing his glasses.

There were some requests via facebook that I show some process images, so below there are a few of the source material and the first napkin in its earlier stages.

I'm still not sure if this one is going to work out in the end.  I am seriously regretting the bookcase backdrop and am not optimistic about orchestrating the final image.

 July 25th, 2014:  I realized almost a full year later, that I never managed to post the final image of the portraits:

 Process and source photos:

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