Friday, March 23, 2018

Pizza Rat Visits the L Platform

If we were to imagine the Venn diagram intersection of rodents, fast food and the internet...

Well, we don’t need to imagine it, do we? 

A short video clip of a rat dragging a slice down the NYC subway stairs became a social media sensation known as “Pizza Rat” back in the fall of 2015. 

There might be an excess of rats, pizza and internet memes in my life recently, so Pizza Rat seems freshly relevant.

To explain the overdose of pizza and memes, I can only report that I have two teenaged children. 

As for the rats: of course they have always been our constant companions on our daily NYC subway commute. And I had been idly considering the possibility of a pet rat for the pet deprived kids...

But I am thinking about the local rat population much more now since our trash cans have become a busy rat buffet. Our robust, well-fed local rats have proved themselves capable of repeatedly gnawing well-fed-rat sized holes in our heavy duty plastic cans so as to not be denied constant access to our building’s trash.

No doubt they are motivated to enjoy the leftovers from our sons’ frequent pizza dinners. 

Last evening, as I dragged our trash cans out to the curb for pickup, one of our furry pizza crust eaters made an emergency exit, launching his (or her) well-fed body out of the hole into my backside and using the length of my leg as a ramp to scurry for the sidewalk.  

I was disappointed to note that the rat was not carrying any pizza at the time.

(If you are interested in the tale of Pizza Rat, there is always the crazy Zardulu angle to mull over)

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