Saturday, March 24, 2018

Kaiju From “Pacific Rim: Uprising”

Here’s Looking at Kaiju:
(Time to cancel another apocalypse)

We had to see the robots punching giant monsters sequel. It was entirely unavoidable.

I’ll admit, based on repeated exposure to the trailers, I was anticipating my viewing of “Pacific Rim: Uprising” with an emotion I might describe as dread.

But like it’s predecessor, “Uprising,” proved to be much more diverting than I anticipated. I did not sleep through it, and not just because it was too loud to doze.

One had to wonder how they were going to pull off the Kaiju-robot combination (not just the two fighting, but an actual combo) but they did. And not in a way that was any more ridiculous than the basic premise of the movies.

And how else do you raise the stakes on giant monsters? With a giant monster composed of other giant monsters? Why not?

I hope it is not too much of spoiler to reveal that the creative name of this fellow is the “Mega Kaiju” I looked that up online. It was no doubt named in the movie, but I missed it.

I might have exaggerated his lovely color palette a little bit also, but he was quite handsome onscreen.

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