Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Case of Drawings

These watercolors are included in the show “or, The New Prometheus” at the Humanities Gallery at Long Island University in Brooklyn opening this week.

These drawings originally hailed from the Inktober project in 2016, and were produced under duress at the rate of one per night. They were mostly on the topic of body and health dysfunction and had tongue in cheek pseudo sciency titles like “Topical Mimesis of Hormetic Stressors”

This was not a popular series of drawings on the Daily Napkins Instagram. As I recall, I managed to scare away at least 200 followers a week during the inktober month. “Where are the Batman Napkins??” Rest assured, there is, in fact, a Batman napkin coming up. 

But for those of you not exclusively interested in Batman...
The show is curated by Nancy Grove and commemorates the 200th anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein...or, the Modern Prometheus” 
It features fine works by Judith Shea, Todd Lambrix, Andy Ralp,  Matt Freedman and Elizabeth Harney.
March 5-30, 2018, opening reception March 8th 6-8 pm.

(And there is more of this sort of drawing at  @the_good_rash on Instagram if you are really a glutton for dysfunctional health watercolor punishment.)

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