Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Mini Conference Room at Instagram's Office

My younger son and I stopped by Instagram/Facebook's headquarters last week to pick up a tote bag from the #EatDrawGram event at the Natural History Museum back in May.

Christine Banawa very kindly showed us around and let us pose in the mini conference room, which I guess is what one does while visiting Instagram.  I am uncertain what the diminutive room might be saying about social media, Instagram, or corporate office culture... Perhaps it is just referencing the fact that there are over 1000 Facebook employees in the office and a mere 30 something people working at Instagram, a difference of scale that might not be immediately apparent to the casual user.

I just spent 45 seconds on Google and have determined that the mini conference room is also ascribed to the larger entity of Facebook... and apparently they have a sideways room in the London office.

So I guess I am trying to read too much into it.
Despite exuding a bored attitude at the time, my son was quite impressed with the visit. He got to wear his own name tag (which indicated that he had not signed a non-disclosure agreement) and to have soft serve ice cream from the corporate cafeteria. While I usually avoid posting actual photos of the kids on the napkin blog, I am pretty sure he would feel denied if I did not include this one.

I think there is some probably merit for a kid whose parents work at home to see what a corporate office looks like...even if it is an atypical one with both chocolate and vanilla soft serve ice cream and a bar of ice cream toppings...

Thanks again to Christine Banawa and Kristen Joy Watts from Instagram and The American Museum of Natural History!

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