Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Death Gun from Sword Art Online

It's my name. And the name of my gun.

Our younger son has been has been watching the second season of the anime series "Sword Art Online" Or more accurately put, WE have been watching the series.

The first season was conveniently available on Netflix with English dubbing and did not require me to read the subtitles for him. I remained mostly ignorant of the specifics of the story. My son did alert me more than once, and with some barely concealed appreciation, "Mom, this show is not very nice to women." With further prodding, he offered up that what he meant was that there was a lot of gratuitous display of female bodies...Thus, the appreciation.

I've vetoed anime shows more than once based on poor gender politics. He still asks at least one time per week how old he will have to be before I will allow him to watch more of Netflix's "The Seven Deadly Sins"  Six or seven instances of inappropriate groping of a minor female by an older man played for humor perhaps inspired a toxic reaction that made me forbid further episodes.

Sword Art Online seems relatively less offensive. Yes, one of the main female characters wears an outfit that prominently displays her butt crack, and the camera is often ogling said crack, or her crotch. Interestingly, the male protagonist from the first season, Kirito, is forced to play the game with a female avatar. But his female avatar is conservatively dressed. No cleavage, no butt crack, no lingering shots of his/her crotch.

But I digress... While my son does appreciate the anime display of the female form, what he likes most about SAO is the second season villain, Death Gun, with his glowing eyes and his super cool outfit. He is covered from head to toe. No visible cracks.

I am going to assume that Death Gun's redundant catch phrase sounds cooler in Japanese.

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