Sunday, April 10, 2016

Deadpool with Colossal Titan

Deadpool wears red so that Titans can't see him bleed.
(But does the Colossal Titan think that Wade has good taste?)

Bedtime reading this week has been the latest installment of Attack on Titan- volume #18, and some of the recent collected Deadpool comics. Wade seems to be sharing custody of a child with a SHIELD agent who has a robot body. I cannot even attempt a comparable synopsis for AoT. I am moderately confused by what is supposed to be going on in both storylines. My sons will sometimes try to explain the story arcs to me, but I have accepted a significant amount of ignorance in both cases.

But why not put them together? The Titans and Deadpool share implausible abilities to regenerate from catastrophic physical damage. Deadpool claims that he needs to eat a lot of junk food in order to regenerate. I'm not sure if the Titan shifters have ever discussed needing any supplements to their diet in order to grow their huge Titan bodies.

But they are probably not eating hot dogs and chimichangas.

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