Monday, May 6, 2013

Kitty Sniper With Water Pistol

Ansel requested the "kitty sniper" for today.

I've been trying to remember why there was a picture of  the "kitty sniper" internet meme stored on the Ipad to prompt this request.  My  best guess is that it came up during some sort of Google search for cute animals with weapons back when I was doing a Doctor McNinja napkin of a homicidal dolphin last summer.

That dolphin napkin was  a rare instance of a weapon unplugged by fruit that I drew for Archer when he was in summer camp and not having lunch at a Quaker school.

In this case, I turned the cat's rifle into a cute orange squirt gun in an attempt to make it more acceptable to Quaker pacifists and Kindergarten teachers.

Archer shook his head in disapproval this morning and told me I should have at least made it a SNIPER squirt gun to be true to the spirit of the original image.  Foolishly, I said I don't think there is such a thing....

Of course there is, Mom. 

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