Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cat Pirate with Six-Pack

Ansel asked to read a book with "violence and blood" for bedtime yesterday.

Despite the absence of depictions of actual splatter, "Crogan's Vengence" by Chris Schweizer fit the bill nicely with a decapitation, shootings, stabbings and other satisfying pirate activities.
Our 4th grade son, Archer was also pretty excited about the historical nature of the story, and is ready to read about every character in the Crogan Adventures timeline in subsequent books.

The name of the main character in this book, Catfoot Crogan, led Ansel to request a cat pirate on his napkin today.  And he specified that this pirate had to have a visible "sixpack."

Bemused by the six pack request, I lifted an image from amusingly cheesy bodice-ripper cover  for "Pirate Prince" (by Connie Mason....don't know who was responsible for the cover illustration)
Both kids almost cringed while looking at the napkin this morning,  but Ansel agreed that this was in fact what he had asked for.

Lately, our two sons are very busy working out what "sexy" means when it comes to women and girls, but like any other young male people who live in America, it is pretty difficult for them to think about the differences between how males and females are depicted. So, sometimes their aging angry feminist mother harangues them ineffectively about gender politics.

And sometimes she does weird things like draw a silly looking barechested cat pirate.

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