Monday, January 21, 2019

Squirrel (And Meme) Appreciation Day

January 21st is in fact “Squirrel Appreciation Day 2019”

But, why on earth Bob Ross? you are thinking.

Well, Mr Ross had a rather well documented pet squirrel named Peapod.
And Bob Ross is a meme unto himself...or maybe even a cavalcade of memes and merchandising.

At some point during the last year or so, I started to wonder why my kids knew who Boss Ross is. He was off the air years before I had even made the acquaintance of their father. 

Then we went to a couple comic cons...and by god, there was Bob Ross stuff at the cons...maybe not everywhere...but in several locations. It became clear to me later that Mr Ross became a sensation on Twitch- that’s a platform for streaming live video game play. His reruns were watched by millions. And he’s on Netflix. And you can buy a waffle iron that makes waffles in the shape of his head including his hair of course. 

I can’t claim to understand Bob Ross’s memeability (there’s a word autocorrect does not appreciate)

Squirrels do lend themselves to memes. I scrolled through a good many this morning g while thinking about “squirrel appreciation day.”

My favorite might have been a “squirrel feeder” in the shape of the Archie McFee wearable “creepy horse head,” that presents the opportunity for the eating squirrel to appear to be wearing the head. 

If only there were one in the shape of Bob Ross’s head.

It would be a “Happy Accident” for sure.

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