Thursday, August 24, 2017

...That Explains the Laser Puppies

Of course my kids enjoy the short spoof movie "Kung Fury."  We first watched it long ago when they were far too young for such things. A 1980's style rogue police officer develops fantastic martial arts powers, and travels back in time to kill Hitler, "Kung Führer" with a detour to a prehistoric era inhabited by fur-bikini clad Valkyries, a giant God Thor and velociraptors that shoot laser beams from their eyes. When he is told that he has landed in "the Viking Age" Kung Fury responds, "That explains the Laser Raptors!"

Laser Puppies seemed the appropriate response to Laser Raptors...though I did give some consideration to the possibility of Laser Sharks.

But Laser Puppies have appeared recently, and repeatedly, in the entertaining Disney XD animated series, "Star vs. the Forces of Evil." so this is not totally unexplored territory.

But our Laser Puppies are Pugs and French Bulldogs, not just any puppies.

So there.....

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