Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rook and Ahsoka from Ben 10 and The Clone Wars

What do sidekicks do on their day off?  

While talking about the similarities between the Ben 10 and Star Wars universes, we agreed that Rook was definitely the Ahsoka Tano of Ben 10:  the skinny, new alien sidekick to the human hero with graphic facial marking designed to engage a younger demographic for a franchise reboot.  

Ahsoka was formerly quite popular with my younger son, before he received the message from his peer that most girls are uncool.  

I'm afraid this napkin was mostly an exercise in parental perversity on my part.  Reminding Ansel that he was formerly interested in Ahsoka and pairing her with Rook resulting in uncomfortable giggling and "that is SO WRONG!"

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