Sunday, January 20, 2013

LEGO Ben 10 Omniverse

Our sons would love to have a LEGO version of Ben 10.  

A couple moments of online research revealed that there were some Ben 10 Alien Force sets back in 2010.  There were a few aliens that looked like precursors to the Hero Factory line.
(Tragically:  "The Ben 10 theme is considered by some as the most unpopular LEGO theme of all time.  The reason for this is that people thought that the designs, parts, or price were bad." according to Brickipedia. )

At any rate, we tried to imagine a more current Omniverse version of LEGO Ben 10.  Ansel pointed out that Ben wears a short-sleeved shirt in that series, but Archer quickly chimed in that there are no short sleeves in LEGO minifigures.  Well, there are no Omnitrixes either, so my claims for verisimilitude in this particular napkin are very limited.  Perhaps it should have been more of a mash-up of the three shows?... Ansel's second question was why did I leave Gwen and Kevin off the napkin?... They don't really appear that often in the present series, I countered.  "Gwen does!" he said.  (She did appear in the episode he watched yesterday)

Below is his version of the napkin (based on a tracing) which features Gwen and Vilgax and a much more innovative reverse color scheme on Ben's shirt.

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