Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Remote Learning

Remote Learning May Not Be As Stimulating as Non Remote Learning:

Spending 24 hours a day with my kids is delightful...maybe. I’m sure I will reflect fondly back on this period of time in my old age after they have moved far away. (ok, in my older, old age)

But the remote learning situation is really a bit of a challenge for us for many reasons.

Perhaps the least of the challenges is the physical environment...but it’s still a problem nonetheless.

In the past, we always wanted to avoid having the kids on their screens while alone in their rooms, so their desks and gaming have been out in the communal space.  This doesn’t work so well for virtual school, so they both set themselves up in makeshift situations in their bedrooms.

In all fairness, what you see in this drawing is no longer the arrangement for this particular student. He is now actually sitting on a chair rather than crumpled in the corner.

It’s a very uncomfortable chair in an uncomfortable location, but at least he is no longer stuffed between a stairway and a dresser.

I don’t observe any additional evidence of physical vigor, however.

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