Sunday, August 12, 2018

Live Action Naked Mole Rat

“My dad’s allergic to every kind of fur...”
Ron Stoppable and his pet Rufus the naked mole rat from “Kim Possible”

Our younger son was a bit of a Kim Possible fan in his younger youth despite the fact that the show ended in the year of his birth. It was one of Disney Channel’s most successful animated shows until the advent of Phineas and Ferb five years later.

Our son informs me that a live action version is in the offing. Images of the non animated Kim are easily found online.

We have to wonder, however, about Kim’s sidekick Ron’s companion Rufus. The naked mole rat is kind of cute in the animated series...cute for a naked mole rat anyway.

As we have the same problem as Ron-Dad is allergic  to most furry things- our son suggested that maybe we should get a cute pet like Rufus. 
I felt compelled to illustrate what Rufus might look like in a live action version. 
Unsurprisingly, the naked mole rat enthusiasm has passed. 

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