Thursday, June 28, 2018

Skull Rings

Skull Rings Go Well With Everything:
(particularly with good dental hygiene)

In her office, our Pediatric Dentist has a bin of cheap toys that one might think that our kids are pretty much too old to find interesting...

But who among us can resist plastic skull rings? 
I certainly can’t resist drawing them.

They were a bit small for our giant son, however, so they were only first or second knuckle rings.

He was more conservative in his ring application on this visit having learned his lesson previously. At another appointment, we had to apply copious amounts of mom’s lip balm to his finger to remove the undersized kiddie ring. 

But that wasn’t a skull ring anyway. Just a plain old ring.

I tried to improve the rings for the napkin. The eye sockets weren’t quite that glow-y. 
My sons hair, however, definitely looks better in person. No matter how many times I draw it, I can still mess it up.

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