Sunday, April 22, 2018

Dumbo Octopus

Grimpoteuthis: Dumbo Octopus:

The subject of our younger son’s science report last week. I think there was a Power Point involved.

After five minutes of googling, I gather that there are 13 species within this genus of “pelagic umbrella octopuses” who vary in appearance, but all have the Dumboish fins/ears.

And, yes, apparently it is “Octopuses” and not “Octopi”...a word I have been mispluralizing for my entire life. Octopus is not Latin in origin, but rather Greek. Which would make it “Octopodes” in the plural. But the standard English plural is -“puses”

Or so I just read. 

My son is not terribly interested in this plural debate. 

And he told me I made the Dumbo unrealistically colorful, which is a definite possibility.

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