Sunday, February 5, 2017

Nerf Frosting

Nerf Regulator with Unregulated Blood Sugar:
(So much Nerf. So much frosting.)

Of course if you have a Nerf themed birthday party, you might have to buy more Nerf stuff to prepare. And then, of course, people might bring Nerf stuff as gifts.
And then, you might really have A LOT of Nerf stuff.
The birthday cake features the Regulator, a not yet released gun. Apparently it has significant new features which renders it an essential acquisition. And the cake also needed to include the profile of the birthday child wearing his signature blue hoodie.
I was a little out of practice on the manufacturing and frosting of cakes. My gluten, dairy and sugar privileges have been suspended, perhaps have my staying up to 3 am to do things like squirt horrifying amounts of frosting on birthday cakes privileges. 
Not being able to stay up late to wallow in sugar, dairy and gluten (and to snack on frosting while squirting it) did make the fabrication of this cake a bit more challenging.
While I did not feel particularly good about the appearance of the cake, I am told that it tasted pretty good despite the excess frosting.

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