Thursday, October 17, 2013

Jack Frost and Hiccup

Dreamworks boys with big eyes and tastefully tousled hair:

A classmate taught Archer how to draw "manga eyes" yesterday.  This seemed to mean enormous black eyes with two large white ovals on the iris.  Archer then taught Ansel, which led to my assignment for today's napkin to draw Dreamworks characters in manga style (as noseless bobbleheads) with enormous manga eyes.  

As you can tell, I pretty much ignored this assignment.  Unfortunately,  I did spend more than my allotted 5 minutes Googling while trying to determine whether there really is a defined stylistic convention for eyes in manga.

I narrowed the characters down to just the two boys that our boys find to be the coolest, and decided to draw them large enough to display their oversized eyes.

And speaking of Googling... When one searches for "Jack Frost and Hiccup," one encounters quite a bit of suggestive material.  This is an issue that is certainly not limited to these particular characters- apparently animated preteen characters provide fertile fodder for many peoples' erotic imaginations.  I have seen quite a few things while searching for napkin source material that I wish I could unsee.  My older son occasionally reads this blog, so I will just leave it at that and not provide any particularly memorable examples.

At any rate, I offer this observation to explain why I ended up drawing Hiccup and Jack not interacting in a blank space.  After scrolling through all the fan art images of them snuggling, I couldn't come up with anything that didn't seem peculiarly suggestive as well.  While I am certainly not against imagining of a romantic link between the two boys, I was pretty sure that was not what my son had in mind for lunch today

Of course, they would have to be touching to have their heads this close.


  1. rule 34: if it exists, there are . . . uh, suggestive pictures of it

  2. That is very true. The Jack Frost/Hiccup romance does get more coverage in the fan art and fan fiction worlds than most imaginary pairings. Particularly given that the two characters do not appear in the same movie and one of them technically is dead and not available for actual physical fondling.