Friday, August 3, 2012

Portrait of Archer

The kids are out of camp this week, so while I have done a few napkins to get ahead for next week, there is not the usual pressure to produce two images a night.  As I was thinking about updating our facebook cover photo, I started doing portraits of both kids.  Portraiture is something I struggle with, often unsuccessfully, in sculpture, so it is an interesting problem here as well.  This image of Archer is pretty accurate while strangely not a very good likeness.  As to whether is it anything beyond an attempt at a likeness...well, it is a napkin after all.  The real trick will be to get them to pose again, wearing the same clothes, in the same position, with the finished napkins.  Ansel was very offended that I started with Archer.  I told him that perhaps I would do a better job on his after practicing on Archer's.

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